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On first day of early voting in Texas primaries, turnout looks up — especially among Democrats

On Tuesday, more Democrats cast primary ballots than Republicans on the first day of early voting in the 15 Texas counties with the most registered voters. That hasn’t happened since 2008.

Court rules Texas state House maps intentionally discriminatory, orders Dallas and Tarrant remap

AUSTIN — A federal court in San Antonio ruled Thursday that parts of Texas’ statehouse maps are intentionally discriminatory and ordered districts in four counties, including Dallas and Tarrant, redrawn.

The decision by a three-judge panel  was the second time the court had ruled Texas’ statehouse maps discriminatory. Earlier this year, the court had ruled that the state’s 2011 maps were intentionally discriminatory. In 2013, the state redrew those maps after another court had found they had discriminatory effects. The 2013 maps are the ones currently used  for elections.

Texas Becoming A Magnet For Conservatives Fleeing Liberal States Like California

Founder Paul Chabot, 42, started the company in May after making the move from San Bernadino, Calif., to McKinney, Texas, with his own family. Chabot, a Republican, had recently endured a second failed run for Congress.

When asked to describe what the company does exactly, Chabot said, “Our primary job is to help families living in more blue states relocate to red states.” In practice, he collects a commission from the buying and selling of homes.

Chabot’s goal is to establish a series of communities, primarily in North Texas, where entire neighborhoods are populated by conservative Republicans. In a way, what Chabot said he is offering is a chance to step into a time machine.

Vote for the Real Plano

“Plano Candidates Use Apartment Concerns as a Smokescreen to Rescind Plano’s Equal Rights Ordinance and Introduce Bathroom Bill”

Which candidate’s version is the real Plano?

The Plano that was voted “The Best City to Live In Texas” by Money and “The Safest City to Live In America” by Forbes as touted by Mayor Harry LaRosiliere? Or candidate Lily Bao’s version, the Plano where “suburban neighborhood values are threatened” with “mass construction of high-density housing that overcrowds our schools and congests our streets”?

The answer depends on whether you rely more on facts or fear.
It also depends on which version will help you scrap Plano’s Equal Rights Ordinance and pass a version of the Texas Senate’s “bathroom bill.”

Call The Texas House Education Committee

Please contact the Texas House Public Education Committee and urge them to move Texas House Bill 1336 out of committee and to a floor vote.

This bill will amends existing law and adds a clause that requires reporting of the costs involved in standardized testing.

The persons to contact are:

  • Dan Huberty (512) 463-0520
  • Diego Bernal (512) 463-0532
  • Alma Allen (512) 463-0744
  • Dwayne Bohac (512) 463-0727
  • Joe D. Deshotel (512) 463-0662
  • Harold V. Duttonm Jr. (512) 463-0510
  • Lance Gooden (512) 463-0458
  • Ken King (512) 463-0736
  • Linda Koop (512) 463-0454
  • Morgan Meyer (512) 463-0367
  • Gary VanDeaver (512) 463-0692