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Texas Becoming A Magnet For Conservatives Fleeing Liberal States Like California

Founder Paul Chabot, 42, started the company in May after making the move from San Bernadino, Calif., to McKinney, Texas, with his own family. Chabot, a Republican, had recently endured a second failed run for Congress.

When asked to describe what the company does exactly, Chabot said, “Our primary job is to help families living in more blue states relocate to red states.” In practice, he collects a commission from the buying and selling of homes.

Chabot’s goal is to establish a series of communities, primarily in North Texas, where entire neighborhoods are populated by conservative Republicans. In a way, what Chabot said he is offering is a chance to step into a time machine.

Early voting is over, Election day is tomorrow!

Early voting has completed, and Election Day is tomorrow!

Unfortunately, early voting turnout has generally been very low county-wide with just a handful of exceptions. There’s a possibility that several races may end in run-off elections since no one will reach 50% of the vote.

To avoid the run-off elections, if you haven’t already PLEASE go vote tomorrow! If you already have, thank you, and encourage your friends and neighbors to go vote as well.

Steady growth has local Republicans sounding the alarm over ‘possible Californization’ of Collin County

Conservatives are still king in Collin County — for now — but a steady influx of new residents from traditionally Democratic states has local Republicans sounding the alarm about a “possible Californization” of the area.