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Prominent Republicans Urge Supreme Court to End Gerrymandering

Breaking ranks with many of their fellow Republicans, a group of prominent politicians filed briefs on Tuesday urging the Supreme Court to rule that extreme political gerrymandering — the drawing of voting districts to give lopsided advantages to the party in power — violates the Constitution.

The briefs were signed by Republicans including Senator John McCain of Arizona; Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio; Bob Dole, the former Republican Senate leader from Kansas and the party’s 1996 presidential nominee; the former senators John C. Danforth of Missouri, Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Alan K. Simpson of Wyoming; and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former governor of California.

How Republicans are Trying to Rig Elections in Trump’s America

The Supreme Court will soon take up arguments on one of the most important gerrymandering cases in more than a decade—from Wisconsin, where critics say Republicans have similarly created maps benefiting themselves instead of representing all constituents. Its decision could effectively draw a red line as to just how much partisanship is allowed in redistricting efforts created by those in power, as courts across the country have allowed some examples of gerrymandering to hold legal authority.

What I Learned at Gerrymandering Summer Camp

The group includes computer science PhD candidates, mathematicians, political operatives, and experts in so-called geographic information systems, or GIS. That’s the mapping technology that underlies many apps and software tools that run our lives, from Google Maps to logistics software.

It also comes in handy when you’re carving the American electorate into voting districts that favor your political party, a time-honored—and reviled—tradition known as gerrymandering.

Jeff Leach’s Voting Records

“Tea Party Approved” State Representative Jeff Leach represents the citizens of House District 67, consisting of portions of Plano, Allen, Richardson and Dallas in Collin County.

Vote Smart provides easy access to Congressional and state voting records and maintains a collection of key votes grouped by issue.

White Supremacy Comes With A Body Count (Even in TX we know this…)

In response to the President’s latest role as a neo-nazi apologist, several Dallas groups organized a rally against white supremacy on Saturday, August 19, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

I am assuming they made this an evening event because the organizers didn’t want people falling out from sun stroke during the day.  Nonetheless, even after sunset, it was hot as hell downtown. The sixty percent humidity kept it in the high nineties.  Add the body heat and it was not much cooler than I imagine it would have been during the day.

But it was worth it.  It was worth seeing men and women of all races disavowing racism and hate. This, I thought, is MY America, and it is beautiful.

Donald Trump in Dallas in September

Trump will headline a fundraiser Sept. 27 in Dallas, according to an invitation obtained by The Texas Tribune. The fundraiser will benefit Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee that goes toward Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee.
Tickets to the event range from $2,700 per person to $100,000 per couple.

Come out and show Congressman Castro a warm CCDP welcome!

Joaquin Castro is coming to the Collin County Democratic Party Office in Plano on Monday 8/14 to talk about what we can do to stand up to politicians like Donald Trump who are hurting Texas.

Doors open at 5:15pm and talk will start at 5:30pm.

There is no cost. He just wants to hear from you.

Resist & Persist!

Take a little time from the resistance for wine and a nosh at this special tasting event featuring wines from the historic and award winning Landon Winery in historic downtown McKinney. All proceeds from this event stay right here in Collin County to support CCDP and our efforts to turn Collin County Blue.  Tickets are $45. Sponsorship packages are also still available – this is great if you want to bring friends! Go HERE for details and to purchase tickets.

Plano Candidate Dinner Tomorrow Evening

Just a quick reminder to everyone about the Plano candidate dinner being held tomorrow evening, there are still a handful of tickets remaining!

This is a great opportunity to meet the candidates, and also to hear from our keynote speaker, Mike Collier, who is running for Lt. Governor next year.